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Dear Entrepreneur,
Hi, my names Wayne Pitt, now you might know my name because I've been in the construction and glazing industry since 1985. I've built up a few successful businesses in that time, but...

Let's be honest, making good money from the glazing business is becoming more and more difficult. The rising price of raw materials year on year, and ecomomic turmoil ahead.

There Is A Way For You To Finally Make Serious Money In The Glazing Industry, the Mist 3 System is literally a business in a box, ready to go
Instead of replacing double glazing units why not just repair them. Think about it...

Instead of two trips to measure up, then fit the glass, you can do the whole job in one trip, saving you time and petrol ( another increasing cost!)

You can do upto six jobs in one hour, giving you loads of potential for more profit, in fact...
"One Small Advert Brought In 151 Enquiries In Just A Few Days...”

The response we have had has been quite staggering, after one week we have received nearly 150 leads - and they are still coming in!
Let's get straight to the numbers...

Average Earning Potential

Based on just five jobs a day at £50 per job, five days  a week
£50.00 x 5 x 5
= £1250.00 per week
50% 0FF Mist3 Training Course
Now Only £2997 (+VAT)
Only 25 Available

You’ll get exactly the same as before, there’s nothing reduced except the price. You will leave with everything you need to begin making money.