We've tried to answer as many questions as we can but if there are any otherz you would like answering just contact us via the contact page.

1.How Much Can I Earn?

Let’s start with the lowest priced jobs….
The average repair cost of a 1m square window is £50, so…
One window a day working five days a week will earn you £250 per week
Five windows a day working five days a week will earn you £1250 a week


You can repair up to SIX windows on one property in ONE HOUR, so the potential is much, much higher. It’s down to how much you want to work.
On average our existing technicians are making £5000 per month

2. How Easy Is It To Get Customers?

Let’s give you a real life example from one of our technicians …

“I placed one of the template ads you gave me in my local paper and the phones didn’t stop ringing. I got 151 enquiries in just a few days”
Patrick, Island Glass,Isle Of Man

3. How Much Does It Cost?

For a limited time the training and starter kit costs just £5,997 ( +VAT)

4. What’s Included In The “Starter Kit”?

The starter kit includes all the tools, drills, drill bits and solutions so you can get started straight away

The Complete Starter Kit Worth £3425.00
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5. How Long Will The Starter Kit Last?

Well it depends on the size of the windows you repair but based on normal usage you should get a minimum of £2500 in business before you need more consumables.

6. How Much are The Consumables?

A full set of valves costs £4- enough for each window
A 25litre Drum of solution costs £50 and you should need two a month

7. Can I Get A Discount If I Bulk Buy The Consumables?

Yes, we do that regularly.

8 How Long Do The Consumables Last?

Well it depends on the size of the windows. Every window needs two valves so that’s easy to work out. In terms of solution about 100 windows, so if you repair only small windows then you will get £ 5000 in before you need more solution.

9. Are There Any Royalties To Pay?

No, absolutely none

10. Any Other Charges?

Just £21 per week to cover support, admin etc

11. What About Patents?

There are no patent issues in the UK. In fact we made sure by checking with a patent lawyer, if you would like to see a copy of the letter just click here.

12.What About Health And Safety?

You will recieve all the necessary documentation as part of your training materials

13. Can I Do Commercial Work?

Yes, you can

14 Do I Need To Pay You More If I Do Commercial Work?

No You Don't

15. Am I Restricted To One Area?

No you are not. This is where having more than one person per area can help business. Let me explain...Say technician x is completely booked up but gets an enquiry. Instead of rejecting it he passes it to technician y. Technician y does a good job, gets more referrals, gets fully booked so he can then return the compliment to technician x when he can't handle the extra work himself.

In practice we find most technicians have enough work in a small area and they welcome another body to share the extra workoad.