Sun - Radiant energy from the sun hits the window directly or indirectly, day in day out, causing the inner airspace of the window to heat and pressurize. Small amounts of air within the window are pushed through the semi-permeable seal. In the cool of the evening, the temperature and pressure drop, causing small amounts of cool moisturised air to be drawn back into the window. This moisture is absorbed by the window's desiccant material, usually silica pellets.

Time - Double glazed units are designed to have a specific life span, e.g. five years, 20 years etc. Over time, the sun's action saturates the desiccant, until moisture - or fog - appears on the inside surface of the window. The moisture is trapped within the window and the endless cycle of heating, fogging, cooling and condensing goes on until the window is fully saturated and the seal fails.

Sealing - A major cause of window saturation is poor sealing on the outside of windows. Invariably, it's the bottom seal that fails since that's where gravity drives the moisture trapped in the window. The moisture or water constantly soaking the adhesive bond, plus the internal pressure created by the sun's energy, causes the adhesive between the glass and the spacer bar to separate.

Here's The Solution...

The Mist 3 Windows process works by removing the visible moisture that has accumulated over time in the window and in the saturated silica pellets in the frame providing full window restoration. Uniquely designed micro filters that are activated by sunlight, are installed to allow the moisture to escape.
At the same time, the filters work as a one-way valve to prevent any new moisture from entering the window. Once all moisture has evaporated, depending on weather and location, the window is returned to its original enclosed airspace condition. Its u-value is fully restored, resulting in not only perfect visibility, but reduced energy costs too. And the window will remain water free from then on.

A major benefit of the Mist 3 Windows process is that the work can be done from the exterior, so there is minimal inconvenience to the customer.

The Mist3 Windows process allows you to provide a cheaper and cleaner alternative to window replacement. And remember...
It's Not A Matter Of "If" The Windows In Your Area Will Need Mist3 Windows - It's WHEN!

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